an attack in the North leaves several dead and thousands displaced

Published on : 06/13/2022 – 01:52 In Burkina Faso, armed men attacked the populations of Seytenga, near the border with Niger on the night of Saturday June 11 to Sunday June 12, strongly resembling reprisals and which follows an attack against the gendarmerie brigade of this commune. Thursday, June 9. No official report is currently … Read more

did the eradication of smallpox pave the way for the current situation?

To try to understand why monkeypox is currently spreading outside Africa, a continent where it is endemic in several countries, let’s go back a little in time, just after the cessation of anti-smallpox vaccination where populations in contact with monkeypox virus were left unprotected. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] What are the differences … Read more

ritual crimes banned from cinema screens in Nigeria to protect young viewers

Published on : 06/01/2022 – 08:29Modified : 06/01/2022 – 08:31 In Nigeria, it has already been more than three months since the federal government asked the Nollywood film industry to no longer broadcast scenes of ritual crimes so as not to influence the youth. Last February, the Nigerian Parliament declared that the fight against ritual … Read more

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz begins African tour

Published on : 05/21/2022 – 23:32 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz begins a visit to three countries this Sunday, May 22. He went to Senegal, Niger, then to South Africa. This visit will last until Wednesday, May 25. During this tour, the German Chancellor will address issues of economic cooperation and security. First stage of this … Read more

At the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, Africa advances out of competition

What is Africa’s place at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival? The absence of an African director in the running for the Palme d’Or should not make us lose sight of the fact that Africa remains very present in the official selection of this 75th edition, and beyond. From our special correspondent at the Cannes Film … Read more

controversy after the junta’s decision to ban demonstrations during the Transition

Published on : 05/14/2022 – 22:00 Controversy in Guinea after the decision of the ruling junta to ban public demonstrations for the time of the transition. The measure was denounced by civil society and political parties. In a press release read on public television this Friday evening, May 13, the National Rally Committee for Development … Read more

World Malaria Day: British group GSK’s vaccine must be widely distributed

Malaria (another name for malaria), which is World Day on Monday, April 25, caused the death of 627,000 people worldwide in 2020, according to an estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of deaths increased by 12% over 12 months, mainly due to “disturbances” in access to care linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. … Read more

UK wants to send asylum seekers to Rwanda to discourage illegal immigrants

Published on : 04/14/2022 – 16:13Modified : 04/14/2022 – 16:19 At the end of a multi-million dollar agreement with London, Rwanda agreed to welcome on its soil migrants and asylum seekers of various nationalities sent from the United Kingdom. The UN says it is “opposed” to London sending asylum seekers to Rwanda. ” From today, … Read more

In Poland, non-Ukrainian refugees face an uncertain future

Published on : 04/13/2022 – 16:41 Nearly 2.7 million refugees from Ukraine have reached Poland, including more than 99,000 foreigners who were working or studying in Ukraine. In Warsaw, an association has opened a hotel to welcome and help them. Report. From our correspondent in Warsaw, In this two-storey building on the outskirts of Warsaw, … Read more

Exclusion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council: the position of Africans

Published on : 04/08/2022 – 16:42 The United Nations General Assembly therefore voted, this Thursday, April 7, 2022, to exclude Russia during an urgent special session on Ukraine. It is the second time that a country has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council, the first being, in 2011, the exclusion from Libya of … Read more