“Going up the stairs in Cannes is like stepping out of your own body”

By Océane Ciuni and Mathilde Seifert Posted yesterday at 12:26, Update yesterday at 2:04 p.m. L’Oréal Paris Ambassador, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is the central player in Game Of Thrones. MS L’Oréal Paris Ambassador, of which he has been one of the spokespersons for several years, the actor of Game Of Thrones gave himself up to a … Read more

what is movie magic?

During the Cannes Film Festival, fans flock to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars, exchange a look, steal a selfie. The philosopher Ollivier Pourriol explains to us why the aura of the 7and art is also powerful. You remember Jacques Perrin in Cinema Paradiso? He returns home in the middle of the night, and … Read more

behind the scenes of filming kitchens

They cook for the whole team, from the trainee to the star, sometimes in extreme conditions. Essential to the success of filming, cinema canteens are the nerve center, between shared happiness, tensions to be appeased and culinary tastes to be reconciled. They are neither starred nor as famous as Alain Ducasse, Anne-Sophie Pic or Pierre … Read more

Paul Walker’s mother begs Vin Diesel to bring Brian back

The filming of Fast and Furious 10 started in Rome not without complications. After a few days, Justin Lin announced that he was giving up on directing the film. In question: disputes with Vin Diesel (described as a diva and said not physically prepared). French Louis Leterrier (Elusive, The Transporter, Far from the Périph) has … Read more

the first returns are supersonic -they have seen the film

Top Gun 2 intends to spray our screens from May 25th. But what is this sequel worth 36 years after the release of the original? Joseph Kosinsky (Oblivion already with Tom Cruise) regains control after the death of Tony Scott. While waiting for real reviews (still under embargo), here are the hot reactions from the … Read more

Vin Diesel accused of being a diva on the set of Fast and Furious 10

The release date is known, it is May 19, 2023 that Fast and Furious 10 will be released in cinemas. Unless… We just found out, the director Justin Lin finally decided to slam the door of the film in the middle of filming. In question ? He would be tired of the deplorable behavior of … Read more

Tom Cruise Unveils Top Gun Sequel While Balancing On Airplane

The second installment of the hit 1986 film will officially take off at the Cannes Film Festival. In the meantime, the actor offers himself a few stunts to promote it. It is perched in balance on a biplane in flight that Tom Cruise unveiled Thursday in world preview Top Gun: Maverickthe second installment of the … Read more

“I tend to worry about my children”

She made a name for herself in Hollywood, but has lost none of her reserve. Nor his talent for deconstructing traditional patterns with demanding roles. We find her as a museum curator helping Jewish children in Valiant Hearts. In the cozy atmosphere of the Pavillon de la Reine, in Paris, Camille Cottin, early in the … Read more

With the coronation of The Lesson Canneseries seeks the recipe for living together

The jury chaired by Fanny Herero delivered a compact prize list and concentrated its prizes on three titles, including this drama illustrating the divisions of Israeli society. From our special correspondent The divisions of Israeli society, a science fiction tale and a fable about disability and convalescence… For its fifth edition, CanneSéries has embraced the … Read more