Exclusion of Russia from the UN Human Rights Council: the position of Africans

Published on : 04/08/2022 – 16:42 The United Nations General Assembly therefore voted, this Thursday, April 7, 2022, to exclude Russia during an urgent special session on Ukraine. It is the second time that a country has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council, the first being, in 2011, the exclusion from Libya of … Read more

Russian cinema turned upside down since the suspension of Hollywood productions

Barely recovered from the pandemic, the Russian cinema industry is suffering the fallout from the conflict in Ukraine with the withdrawal from theaters of the five Hollywood giants: Disney, Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Paramount. The country is trying to turn to Asian productions. Upon learning of Hollywood’s suspension of the release of its … Read more

Why Russia is getting closer to default

Published on : 04/06/2022 – 09:07 The default of Russia on its sovereign debt is getting closer with the decision taken yesterday, Tuesday April 5, by the US Treasury. It adopted a new measure limiting the dollar payment capacities of the Russian authorities. The message from the US Treasury accompanying its decision is very clear; … Read more

Russia blocks humanitarian access to Mariupol to hide ‘thousands’ of victims

Russia is blocking humanitarian access to Mariupol to conceal the “thousands” of victims in this besieged city in southeastern Ukraine against which assaults and bombardments continue, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday. • Read also: LIVE | 42nd day of the Russian invasion • Read also: All the suffering of the occupied Ukrainian territories … Read more