Fontaines DC, the Irish “punk-poets” of the new rock scene

Crowned the best group in the world by the British magazine New Musical Express, the Dublin quintet returns on Friday with a third album entitled Skinty Fia. Leaving to find each other better: the members of Fontaines DC, diamond of the new rock scene, left their city of Dublin for London, with a third album … Read more

In Pakistan, the sarangi, a traditional instrument, sinks into oblivion

Difficult to master, high maintenance costs, competition from modernity… Known for its similarity to the human voice, the sarangi is gradually disappearing from the Pakistani music scene. In the shadow of the red brick mosques and palaces of Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, Zohaib Hassan plucks the strings of a sarangi, filling the streets … Read more

In Fresnes prison, prisoners in concert with the Radio France orchestra

Guided by lyrical singer Johanne Cassar and cellist Jérémie Maillard, ten prisoners sang on Tuesday in front of around forty detainees, before a broadcast of the concert on Radio France. On stage, alongside the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, ten singers make their entrance. Serious, a little embarrassed, they intone: “The sky is over the roof, … Read more

With Sacré bordel, Bigflo and Oli sing their doubts and their love of France before the presidential election

After two years of absence, the Toulouse rappers are making a resounding comeback with a song that questions French identity in the middle of the countryside. “It seems that there is fire in the chapel, the country of Joan of Arc or Djamel. It seems that being embittered is our pride, that we are the … Read more