Trump’s popularity gauged by local primaries

Republican voters vote in two US states on Tuesday to select their candidates for the November election deadlines, a process that should again give an idea of ​​​​the real influence of Donald Trump on the conservative party. • Read also: Elon Musk says he wants to lift Trump’s Twitter ban • Read also: Hope for … Read more

Hope for reversal on abortion galvanizes Trumpists

‘Life is precious’: In Pennsylvania, supporters of Donald Trump are galvanized by the possibility of the Supreme Court striking down the right to abortion, which suggests a resounding political victory for the Republican. • Read also: Harder to get the abortion pill in Canada? • Read also: Abortion rights advocates call on Americans to demonstrate … Read more

Extradition to the United States of one of the most powerful Haitian gang leaders

The leader of one of Haiti’s most powerful gangs was extradited to the United States on Tuesday, the Haitian National Police said as the armed gangs’ territorial grip places the capital Port-au-Prince under siege. . • Read also: At least 18 civilians killed in clashes between gangs in Haiti At the head of the “400 … Read more

Why Russia is getting closer to default

Published on : 04/06/2022 – 09:07 The default of Russia on its sovereign debt is getting closer with the decision taken yesterday, Tuesday April 5, by the US Treasury. It adopted a new measure limiting the dollar payment capacities of the Russian authorities. The message from the US Treasury accompanying its decision is very clear; … Read more

The United States is preparing for a new phase of the war

A Russian offensive concentrated on the east of the country, but without weakening attacks against civilian targets: the United States believes that the war in Ukraine is entering a new phase, calling for a new response from the West. • Read also: LIVE | The war, for 40 days As he had already done shortly … Read more